“To design spaces, houses, apartments has never been the only description of my work. I do not want to just fill the space but to create a place, emotions and memories. In my designs I am trying to implement my architectural signature, but at the end my work is approved and signed by the client. My design is followed by numerous meetings with the client, discussions, sketches, drawings, visualizations, exploring new technologies, theories, advice and the search for the best and most favorable solutions. By employing new technologies in designing and the constant keeping up with new construction technologies, I am always looking for the best answer to the client’s wishes. Each project is entirely individual and specific, and it is my task as an architect to emphasize its design. ”

Josip Miklec, M.Eng.Arch.Urb.




(review by journalist Monika Azinović Stupar)

Projects by Josip Miklec are identifiable with a distinctive architectural signature design, thoughtful practicality, aesthetics of forms, a play of lights and shadows, and carefully designed interior in correlation with the environment in the exterior. The client (the final beneficiary) is the most important factor of his projects, and while working he invests exceptional energy to research ways and methods of architecture and design approach to the client, in order to ideally connected the clients desires with the professional standards

Josip Miklec was born in 1986 in Zagreb, Croatia, where he graduated from natural sciences high school and finished his Masters degree at the Faculty of Architecture; University of Zagreb, and received his Master Engineer of Architecture and Urban Planning title.

Education and work

Growing up and learning with a family of builders and engineers at an early age he is confronted with a practical profession and at the same time showing interest in art which determines his course of education for architecture that combines both of these areas. During his studies at the Faculty of Architecture, along with academic duties, through successful cooperation he keeps contact with practical profession and becomes a chief architect at the architectural designing office Kolos Projekt LLC until year 2017 when he reaches the title of a “LICENSED ARCHITECT” and establishes the architectural designing office “MKLC STUDIO LLC”.

He participated as an author or an associate designer at the awarded competition proposals for “urban-architectural design for the area Müllerov breg in Zagreb” and the “architectural-urban design competition for residential and commercial construction in the cassette B2 along the Zavrtnica street” (collaboration with docent Vladimir Kasun, mag.ing.arch.) and as an associate at the awarded competition proposal for the preliminary design of the campus Borongaj with renowned architectural studio 3LHD. Also, he is the author of designs in the field of residential and commercial architecture and public building designs such as religious, cultural and educational institutions as well as designs in the field of urban planning and landscape architecture which can be seen in his portfolio of selected designs.

He is the author of a scientific paper at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in order to participate in the symposium organized by the Academy with the theme of architectural, urban and landscaping consideration of development and identification of Zagreb (collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Bojana Bojanić Obad Šćitaroci, Ph.D.).

Architecture by Josip Miklec is well measured and contemporary design of space which regularly leaves the user the ability to complete the design himself.

Architectural and designer approach

Nowadays, as a field of activity, architect Miklec covers a variety of disciplines of architectural practice, while colaborating with a series of specialist such as architects, artists, engineers, craftsmen, economists, lawyers, sociologists etc. Most importantly, through his projects he always seeks to educate the client about the versatility of architecture and its impact on the human psychological and physical characteristics and conditions with the thesis that living or working space with the character of its interior design or architecture must stimulate living and working and also supplement and enrich it. Thus, one residential area, instead of “nice” decorated bedrooms or “do it yourself” confusion, with the correct approach to designing of space and of the way of living can become a great synergy of architecture and a man in terms of absolute experience of life.

Monika Azinović Stupar, Master of Jurnalism.